3000 Acres


3000 Acres is a project based in Melbourne, Australia which aims to unlock urban land to encourage urban agriculture and foster social capital.  

It does this by creating a platform which invites people to come together to make a local vacant space more productive through urban agriculture.  The project uses an online open-source mapping tool that allows local residents to 'pin' a vacant space they are interested in and then connect with others interested in the same piece of land to transform a stalled piece of land into a productive garden.  3000 Acres also helps to enable this process with useful resources and a toolkit to signpost and facilitate this process of transformation.

Prior to returning to Scotland, one of HERE + NOW's co-founders - Jenny Elliott - was involved in helping to support and progress the 3000 Acres project in its first year, including the design and delivery of the first prototype 3000 Acres community garden in Melbourne.  Jenny was also involved in organising the 3000 Acres launch event, speakers and workshops alongside other 3000 Acres staff and volunteers as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2014, in addition to graphic design work.


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