'A Walk in Our Sho[r]es' was an experiential audio art walk simultaneously exploring Seafield, Portobello, Edinburgh, and Sydhavnen, Copenhagen.  It was an interactive exploratory guided walk that forms part of Art Walk Porty 2017, and City Link Festival 2017.

To deliver this audio walk and immersive experience, HERE+NOW (Edinburgh) collaborated with Studio Debris (Copenhagen) to deliver two parallel ‘twinned’ audio walks. These two walks will share the same audio piece, to create a sensory 'mashing' of two places as one, thereby highlighting the similarities and stark contrasts between these two waterside city locations, and revealing their individual senses of place.

The first audio walk took place as part of Art Walk Porty on Friday 8 Sept 2017, and explored the promenade at Seafield, reflecting on it's landscape qualities, experience, and future potential. The second audio walk took place in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen on Friday 22 Sept 2017, as part of City Link Festival.  Each walk aimed to reveal and highlight to participants the walking experience, everyday sounds, memory, landscape and urban environment of each of these waterfront locations, and their links to industry, development and the wider city they form part of. 

This audio walk and project was related to our 'Seafield Summer School', over the month of July 2017, and the interventions and ideas that came out of this.  Find out more here.

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