We combine design expertise as landscape architects with engagement activities to value and respect local knowledge and aspiration. The result is more resilient design outcomes, improved social capital and a stronger feeling of connection to place. 

We offer consultancy services in community engagement and professional design expertise.

We work to record and understand local knowledge from the people who know most about it - local residents, school pupils, interest and community groups. We aim to find out how a place is currently used, peoples’ aspirations for the future, and learn from local experiences.  

We do this using co-design tools and techniques at workshops, walkabouts, design+build hacks, exhibitions and events, and through a process of sensitive refinement we integrate this local knowledge into a finalised design that responds to the place, the environment and the people who will use it.  



We call this 'co-design' for the built environment. 

Co-design is when design professionals work closely with local people to create better places designed both for and with the end user - putting people at the heart of place and design. Whatever the scale or stage of a project, we always advocate for user-centred design as this delivers the most successful implemented built designs, community briefs or urban interventions as its output.


An evolving approach


We are constantly testing and iterating our tools to combine design and engagement. 

On each project, we share back the findings and design outputs of specific projects with clients, local people and other stakeholders who have been part of the design process.

We also share an on-line publication every year summarising what we did, and - most importantly - how we did it.

Feedback: Sharing our design and engagement experiences  

Feedforward:  Evolving and improving our approach by testing our tools and sharing this with the wider industry. Taking on board ways we can improve ensures we are always acting in the best interest of the communities we work with and delivering the highest quality place design for clients.

Take a look at our first year of projects and learnings in the  HERE+NOW 2015 Publication

Check out examples of our projects for examples of how our approach is applied in practice.