HERE+NOW contributed engagement facilitation and design concept synthesis to a 4-day pop up studio based at the Town Hall.  This opened up the place appraisal process to integrate local people's knowledge and aspirations to help inform most relevant and improved design suggestions.

Working as part of a 12-strong design team representing 7 different disciplines on a Charrette process in Blairgowrie, HERE+NOW contributed both engagement and design aspects to the process. Engaging the public in discussions about the town centre of Blairgowrie & Rattray we wanted to capture the issues and opportunities of the place from a user-led perspective. In order to understand what works and doesn’t work in the town centre, we used the Place Standard - a conversation tool around placemaking - to spark discussions within the local community and allow a completely anonymous process of place appraisal.

The turnout to the 4 day event was excellent, and we saw 280 people come through the doors during the 4 day Charrette process. This generated a huge amount of data to ensure their 'place' was fully represented and our team could generate authentic, place-specific ideas and proposals. At the end of the Charrette, the design team presented back the key findings and some suggestions for design recommendations which will be taken forward to the main projects outputs - a Town Centre Masterplan and an Action Plan, both of which were compiled from the raw data and direct observations shared at the Charrette by DPT Urban Design. 

This whole process contributes to the SSCI Charrette Mainstreaming Programme for Scottish Town Centres.


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