As usual we have been busy bees here at HERE + NOW. We have been developing plans for an very exciting project in collaboration with Architecture + Design Scotland. The project is driven by previous work, policy and the needs and demands of teachers and pupils.

The project is focused on developing effective outdoor spaces for learning in conjunction with the people that will use and benefit from them. We have undertaken several workshops in schools around Scotland in the past and we had a great time learning from the teachers and pupils. We can’t wait to get out and about again and generate action to improve the settings that young people learn in. We will be tweeting, blogging and generally talking about the project as it progresses but for now we are excited about the possibilities of making a real difference to learning environments. We hope to identify settings and strategies that are needed for effective outdoor learning and to 'bridge' the gap between participation and briefing within design projects. We are currently developing a sequence of works for engaging people in the design and enhancement of outdoor spaces for learning. These engagement techniques will be fun, vital and participatory. At HERE + NOW we can’t wait to use our skills to deliver a project that may alter the way we think about the settings we learn in !