PEP talk pilot-ed!

On Friday 24th April we hosted the first ever PEPtalk event, A Night in the City, a theme chosen by the local residents and businesses we had spoken to in the run up to the event as part of the PREP talk development.

It was a great evening with a real variety of people attending : local business owners, residents, friends of the people we teamed up with, as well as visitors from around the city interested in the projects being presented by the speakers.  

And having been part of the evening and the planning of the event, we now realise it was all about the weeks of work we put in through the run up to the PEPtalk itself.  The face to face conversations. The phone calls and emails. The listening.  The interviewing.  We know now that the people who came already had a load of questions and ideas buzzing around because of the discussions we'd had beforehand, and they were there ready to share and listen too.  

And with wine sponsored by the Beerhive, cakes from Joyce's Cake Shop, served in cool compostible wine cups from Vegware, it really felt like a community event.  The speakers, short films, and live-painting by Chris Rutterford all sparked conversations around why we'd want to forge stronger connections between the places, people and organisations based in Canonmills. 

We're in the process now of distilling the ideas from the evening, and look forward to sharing a film, projects sheet and community brief with you very soon.