a community brief.

At the Canonmills PEPtalk event, we invited everyone who joined us to contribute to a map of ideas. We handed out three sets of stickers to each person at the beginning of the evening: some for 'ideas', some for 'adds' (things you'd like to add / bring / contribute to someone else's idea) and one to stick on yourself telling us who you are! 

On a blackboard with only an outline map of Canonmills we invited people to post their thoughts, inspired maybe by something they'd heard or reacting to someone else's sticker... by the end of the night our board looked like this! 

An amazing collection of ideas emerged which can be grouped into three big themes:

  1. art and culture
  2. greenspace and growing
  3. routes and facilities.

We've tried to sum these ideas and thoughts up into a graphic which represents a community brief: a plan of action, or an aspiration for change; a starting point for further conversations which we hope will turn into community action!