Stop and Sea

On the 4 September 2015 Liz and Jenny from the HERE+NOW team spent a lovely afternoon at Edinburgh's Seaside!  It was a beautiful afternoon to re-imagine the potential for Seafield, near Portobello and chat to people about their thoughts for how this underused space could become a place.  

We brought along about 50 reclaimed clay pots and used sticks, stones, feathers, and other found materials (including a few 'rescued' plants!) to create a temporary pop-up installation which hints at the potential for this rather dirty, avoided space but which has the most wonderful views and sense of sea-shore character. And a few observations from the recent outdoor engagement events we've done recently: 

- The first people to stop and talk to you are usually A. with children or B. with dog/s.
- Not everyone sees the need to maximise use of city space; and they have a point, we do need those breathing spaces which just set the background for life too. 
- The HERE+NOW office needs to invest in a poop-scoop!  

Check out our wee timelapse video here! Stop and Sea