RHS co-design workshop pilots

HERE+NOW have enjoyed working on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society to pilot a series of three different co-design workshops for community growing spaces.  Responding to three very different spaces and groups of end user, we hope the workshop series demonstrates the value and outcomes of co-design workshops to empower young people to become engaged in local greenspace projects. 

We worked in collaboration with two Barnardo's sites and a third potential growing space for Youth Action Partnership. The aim of each workshop was to put the end user front and centre of a community garden design process. 

We designed and piloted three different design workshops to demonstrate a range of ways in which these can be done: each workshop invited stakeholders and future users to engage in a discussion and aspiration building session. After the workshop, HERE+NOW collated the conversations, ideas, findings and ambitions as an illustrated report culminating in an aspirations graphic for the community garden site.  

Each site is very different in scale, the potential uses, context, and the people who would be using the site. Together the three sites form a suite of projects that demonstrate what is possible by using design workshops to develop community growing spaces. They record three scenarios that can be translated into future projects, and HERE+NOW’s series of reports is intended to capture the processes so they can be adapted to a range of future spaces and user groups.