Telling the Inner Forth Story

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Bright 3D on the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative's (IFLI) "Telling the Inner Forth Story" project. I'm just back from a tour of the sites proposed for beacons across this project area, and full of wonder and inspiration at this fascinating landscape. 

The IFLI project spans 4 local authority areas, Fife, Clackmannanshire, Stirling and Falkirk. Within these, and centred around the Firth of Forth, lies a regional tract of land which is of huge significance for its social, historical, industrial, and environmental heritage. 

Our project task is two-fold: to engage the people who live within the Inner Forth area in a project which shares the rich and multi-layered stories associated with the place's multifaceted heritage, and to design a sequence of Beacons and Markers which will be sited throughout the area as physical interventions sharing these stories. 

A perfect piece of landscape architecture with co-design at its heart: we can't wait to begin our strategy for engaging with school children to get them to share their locally treasured places around the Inner Forth area as a way to unlock the potential through the generations: watch this space on our HOLD ME DEAR website.... 

"The Firth of Forth lies at the physical and cultural heart of our scheme. Not only has the Forth carved out the natural features of the landscape, it has also shaped the social and economic development of the area. Resource use has heavily influenced the landscape, from land reclamation and peatland drainage to development of docks and coal mining. One of the most unique features of the area is the juxtaposition of history, nature and industry, which gives the area an often overlooked interest."  IFLI, 2013.

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