Uula Saastamoinen has been working with the HERE+NOW team for the last 4 weeks to learn more about the co-design processes we use in all our design, place-making and landscape architecture projects before he goes on to study a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Uula has been learning about a different aspect of the work we do each week. This is his fourth and final week of a series of blogs about his experiences and learnings during his time with us.  We'd like to thank Uula for having been a brilliant addition to the HERE+NOW team the last 4 weeks!

"In my last week, I continued to work on the summer workshops programme - a self-initiated project HERE+NOW are starting to develop for summer 2016.  I prepared a list of activities, most of which have successfully been used elsewhere, and could easily be adapted to this specific site. I was also evaluating potential partnership opportunities with different local organisations, and how they might be able to help, either financially or in other equally important ways.

The timing of the workshops is also quite crucial as there could be opportunities to organise events at the same time with other nearby events. There is a lot of potential to use what is already in place to create something new, which makes imagining different activities easy and fun. I’m also sure that the locals will have more amazing ideas. I’m very excited to see what will come of it!

As it is the last day of my internship, I would also like to thank HERE+NOW for the fantastic opportunity to see this side of landscape architecture. I feel even more inspired than I did before starting my internship, and I’m hoping that the importance of co-design becomes more widely recognised because it has potential to change people’s lives. It’s great to see people who really love what they do."

—    Uula