Pecha Kucha : Edinburgh v.33

At HERE+NOW we were delighted to be asked to present at the Pecha Kucha Edinburgh VOL 33 on Friday 22 April 2016. The venue was the lovely Epworth Hall on Nicolson Square, and the speakers were selected to share ideas and inspiration in celebration of the 2016 year of Innovation in Architecture & Design.

We shared a selection of our tools and techniques, and used the Scottish Design Award nominated City Link Festival : Hold Me Dear exhibition as a case study for how we use these tools in practice.  We wanted to share how we've developed and iterated on the range of innovative tools and techniques which we use to help put people at the heart of design in the built environment.

The event was supported by New Media Scotland and the Festival of Architecture, and curated by Studio DuB.  Below are a few photos from the evening.

"We are excited be able to work with communities in such ways, and to make offer placemaking strategies, design solutions, and proposals for self-initiated projects which ENGAGE people, DESIGN places for their needs, and which are CURATED to share and inspire!"