design + build project opportunity!!

We're getting excited for this year's community DESIGN + BUILD project! Last year we loved working with the community at Cannonmills on the City Link Festival HOLD ME DEAR exhibition in the Rodney Street Tunnel, so we thought every year we'd self initiate a project which is all about action and impact. 

Approached by the Meanwhile Fountainbridge community to help create a project which celebrates their various creative and greenspace projects, we are inviting our network, local community and design / built environment students to get involved in a community design + build project... We would like as many teams of as possible to design a seat using reclaimed materials to bring the under-used public urban space at Fountainbridge to life. 

A DESIGN BRIEF has been developed in collaboration with the local community : could you design a seat for this space, and bring along the materials to build it during a one day hack event on the 18. June 2016?

There are awards in the following categories [Beautifully Crafted] [Cleverly Up-cycled] and [Best Team Effort], but most of all it's a great opportunity to experience a design and build event and put your design skills to use to benefit the creative community at Meanwhile Fountainbridge! 

If you're interested in putting a team together, designing and building a seat for this project, or would like to get involved in any other way please contact  /  #SpaceToSit  /  Space To Sit Facebook page to be kept to date on the latest. 

Recognising the vibrant and passionate community within Fountainbridge is so important. The residents of this area embody a considerable wealth of creativity and the individuals who have liberated this site are inspiring. Equally, HERE + NOW’s approach has put the community at the centre of this project in a very meaningful way. From initially hearing about this project, and having attended their community briefing, HERE + NOW’s approach to people and place is consistently forward-thinking.
— Judith Liddle, Edinburgh Printmakers