4 years of HERE+NOW!

It’s been 4 years of HERE+NOW! It's been a busy few years, and the pages of this website say it all - 60 projects, 5 awards, 11 amazing staff and collaborators who've all come together to make this happen. But 2018 saw the arrival of two HERE+NOW babies, and an opportunity to sit back and look at what's next.

In a lot of senses, HERE+NOW has achieved what it set out to do. Recognised nationally as a leader in co-design for landscape architecture, and having been invited to a host of lectures and conferences to speak on our tools and techniques, we know that we've been successful in getting our message out there. So it was time to ring the changes!

Jenny will be moving on to new adventures in 2019 - focusing on a mix of urban research and design work.

Liz remains as a director, and is available for consultancy in landscape architecture and community engagement. Liz would like to make sure that the tools are still accessible and we can share the resources which have been developed, refined and learnt from over the 4 years.

We are often contacted regarding our project experiences and co-design materials, and we are delighted to share project case studies and co-design tools - its why we are a Community Interest Company! So whether it's a question about co-design, a specific project we've been involved in, or if you have a new idea or project, please do get in touch at the usual email: