We have now started the first part of the engagement work on the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative's (IFLI) "Telling the Inner Forth Story" project.

We focus on the children who live within the Inner Forth area and last week we had our first walkabout with a mix of P6 and P7 children from Fallin Primary School. We had an amazing afternoon with them exploring the Fallin Bing together. The children were very enthusiastic and shared with us many great stories. The children know many ‘secret’ spots around the Bing where they like to go with friends, and they drew and wrote their stories on postcards so we can 'send' and share their stories of the Fallin Bing across the Forth through our next workshops.

We are at the moment in contact with both primary schools and secondary schools to have more walkabouts in this great area of the Forth. The weather is just getting better every day, so we are looking forward to exploring much more of Inner Forth Landscape together with local children soon.