St Margaret's house garden is coming to life!

It has been 3 busy months since our garden activity planning workshop in conjunction to #SpaceTo Sit at St Margaret’s House, where we had the chance to discuss ideas and share thought on the Woodland embankment right next to the studios. More than 15 people came along and helped to form briefs for the garden and install seats for everyone to use.

What have the local artists and community been up to together with HERE+NOW since July?  A portion of path is now open along the embankment for berry picking, foraging, dog walking, or just a quick stroll. Be careful about slippery parts along the route! The path climbs up to the top of the embankment for a stunning view towards St Margaret’s House and Restalrig. There’s plenty of brambles to be picked, and apples and herbs ready to be eaten!

Seats can now be found along the path too, thanks to SpaceTo Sit. Two of the seats designed in June in Fountainbridge by a group of enthusiastic volunteers have now found their forever home on the embankment and offer a bit of rest after a steep climb on the path.

After an overwhelming response by the community and with the help of volunteers we were pleased to install St Margaret’s very first Herb Garden! Thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano and marjoram are only a few of the species growing on top on the embankment, ready to be picked to make a nice cup of tea or for cooking. All herbs are currently planted in two grow bags, which we hope to expand in the future to plant more vegetables and wildflowers. What species would you like to see grow in St Margaret’s?

Want to keep up with St Margaret’s Garden and all the events happening on the embankment? Join our ‘St Margaret’s Well Garden Community Group’ on Facebook. With 35 members to date, it is a great place to have a conversation about the garden and keep on touch with everyone involved.

Some very exciting times ahead for St Margaret’s Garden, so watch this space!