We're excited to let you know we have just launched our first ever Hidden Features event in Edinburgh! 

This new series of cinema screenings showcases local film-makers short films in unusual hidden city spaces around Edinburgh.  Hidden Features events promote and provide a platform for local film-makers to share their work whilst also revealing and exploring hidden interesting spots of the city.  Each Hidden Features event takes place in a different nook of urban space, transformed into a cinema space for one night only, and has a different theme.  

The first ever Edinburgh-based Hidden Features event will be taking place on Thursday 27 August at 7.30pm along the theme of 'The Secret Life of the City' in a secret EH6 location that will only be revealed to ticket-holders 24 hours ahead of the event.  Tickets can be purchased here.  Pre-booking tickets is essential. Get yours here, with a lovely 20% off by entering discount code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

Hidden Features builds on the series of 'Secret Cinema' events in Australia founded by HERE + NOW Curatorial Director Jenny Humberstone, which brought together volunteers, local stakeholders, film-makers and artists to collaborate and co-create a series of projected film screenings that activated and enlivened vacant or stalled spaces, finding a creative use for these otherwise neglected nooks of the city. 

Join us to explore a hidden nook of urban space transformed for one night only into a secret cinema space screening local film-makers work along the theme 'The Secret Life of the City' . 


HERE+NOW were thrilled to be invited to form part of the programming for Hidden Door Festival 2015. Hidden Door is a not-for-profit arts festival that takes place annually in Edinburgh in abandoned or hidden locations. This years festival took place in a derelict building off King Stables Road near the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.

HERE+NOW programmed the Hidden Door Cinema space on Friday 29 with a series of short film screenings, exhibition and participatory installation along the theme of 'Connection to Place'. Films included PEP Talks, Joyce, Inshriach Bothy | A Sense of Place, and Hold Me Dear | The Film. The exhibition included photographic and short story works contributed by individuals worldwide about a place they treasure as part of the Hold Me Dear project as well as photographic prints from Jenny Humberstone and Ian Humberstone's artist residency with The Bothy Project.  We also invited Hidden Door attendees to share a place they personally treasure as part of a live evolving participatory installation in the space.

For those of you that missed out on Hidden Door Festival or the HERE+NOW exhibition, we've a few of our photos below, including the HERE+NOW team having their portrait drawn by the talented James Sayer. These are also available via our Facebook page.



At HERE + NOW we are excited to have been invited to curate a temporary participatory installation and evening of short film screenings as part of Hidden Door Festival in May 2015.  We'll be exhibiting a visually dynamic hand-crafted  installation attendees can add their personal reflections to plus projected films during the day and evening of Friday 29 May within the Hidden Door Cinema Space.  

On Monday there was not only good news - that Hidden Door has been officially given the go-ahead to use the currently vacant Kings Stables Road buildings for the festival -  but we also got a sneak peek of the venue!  

There's something always so interesting about buildings which have laid dormant and under-used for a period of time.  Monday was no exception and it was great to have the doors unlocked to a series of interesting spaces, from the 'peely paint room' to the large warehouse like hanger.  I even stumbled across a newspaper from 2006, which must have lain undisturbed on the dusty floor for almost a decade. 

Great to get a look at the triple garage space with will become the Hidden Door Cinema too and where we will be exhibiting our films and installation - all along a theme of connection to place and sharing of place-specific memories and stories.  Make sure you come and take a look in May! More details will be coming soon.


HERE + NOW have been taking to the streets over the last few weeks to talk to the local people of Canonmills, Edinburgh as part of the PEP Talks project in collaboration with Architecture + Design Scotland.  This weekend we had a truly tiny exhibition of our PREP Talks film in which we spoke to a range of people about their hopes and aspirations for the local area.  

This tiny exhibition took place in a unique miniature sized urban space - the local police box in Canonmills - and invited passers-by to come and join the discussion about their local neighbourhood, gain inspiration from the film by seeing what their neighbours are already suggesting, and stop and have a chat about their views of the area.

The Canonmills police box has historically been a community focal point in the neighbourhood so made the perfect setting for a community-oriented exhibition.  It has recently been bought by the lovely Moira, who will be transforming it over the coming months into a florist bursting with life called 'CornerCopia'.  Thanks to Moira for partnering with us on this event!

Find out more about our process and its focus on people, place and participation and the ways we design, engage and curate.


The HERE + NOW team took to the streets last week to do some face-to-face user research about how people local to Canonmills, Edinburgh, feel about their local area. Check out our video of this process below.

We call this a 'PREP Talk' - a preparation and information gathering event -  asking the people who use and experience a place how they feel about it at present, and what their hopes and aspirations are for the future.  The  'PREP Talk' provided  essential feedback that can then be 'fed forward' to help set the agenda for the follow-up PEP Talk event.  Who knows better what improvements their local places need than the people who live or regularly pass through there?

This is linked to our concept of  'User Experience Design for Place-making'. A focus on user-centred, participatory, iterative and bottom-up approaches to both engage people in place and provide a framework within which local people can meet each other, share their views, and work together to take action to improve their local places.

Following this initial phase of talking to local people about their experiences, we then bring the community, local businesses and other stakeholders together through events, talks and discussions to help kick-start action for improving their local places...  'PEP Talks'. They are about People Engaging in Place, a call to action and a kick-starter for local communities to work together and drive positive change. All whilst having a good time and meeting other interesting people! More on the PEP Talk series soon..

Thanks to Architecture + Design Scotland for their support in developing this process!


PEP Talks / PREP Talks from Jenny Humberstone on Vimeo.

HERE + NOW take to the streets to do some face-to-face user research about how people local to Canonmills feel about their local area. We call this a 'PREP Talk' - preparation and research ahead of a PEP Talk event. At a PEP Talk we then bring stakeholders together through discussion and talks to help kick-start action for improving their local places.



Happy Friday !

We have had a very productive week at Here + Now as we have been out and about speaking to people in various places around Edinburgh. We are developing a very exciting project called PEP Talks (People Engaging in Place). The concept of the PEP Talks project is to ignite an interest in a certain location around the city and invite speakers and contributors to an evening (or day) of discussion and inspiration. We are in the process of developing the project for wider release,  and have been collecting material as a first stage - a PREP Talk for the .. PEP Talks… get it?! 

We have been out in the cold chatting to passing people and  are now in the process of developing a short film featuring the people we talked to. It’s been inspiring and interesting to really engage with the public and the environment around us. By engaging in a simple conversation we have gained a huge amount of insight into some spaces around Edinburgh. It definitely demonstrates that we can learn the most about a place from the people that use it.  Watch this space for our PREP Talk film .. More to come soon…!!



Here + Now's Curatorial Director - Jenny Humberstone - is currently on location in the remote hills near Aviemore doing an artist residency with The Bothy Project.

Jenny is spending a week amidst this beautiful landscape in a small off-grid bothy, designed and built as one of three such structures across Scotland as part of The Bothy Project. Living in such a well-designed structure - which fulfils the necessary most basic needs to create a haven for simpler living - fire for warmth and cooking, shelter from the elements, a safe protected place to sleep - immediately surrounded by such stunning landscape away from the usual lights, bustle and noise of more urban places - drives a great deal of inspiration. A great place to contemplate the role of man-made intervention in the landscape, the relation of people to place and how the meanings and relationships we develop with a place (either individually or as a community) evolve over time, and the way modern digital instant of technologically dependent lifestyles inherently create a different outlook of the world compared to a more grounded experience of place. Plus of course, the immersive and inspiring experience of living within a landscape where you are much more acutely aware of every sound, from the distant rushing of the river to the owls at night, the movement of the heather and tree branches in the wind, and the greater impact the pattern of the light of day and moonlit darkness of night has on what you are able to do.

Jenny is working alongside her brother and musician Ian Humberstone at the bothy to create a primarily analogue photography series, field recordings and documentary film snippets. The result will be a short compiled film aiming to represent both their interpretation of the genius loci of this particular place, but also their subjective and contextual experience of their week.

More on the blog soon!