lisa jeffrey


Here + Now’s engagement director - Lisa Jeffrey - has just returned from a chilly yet inspiring trip to Budapest in Hungary! A city full of faded grandeur and opulence is subtly interwoven with an exciting new pop up culture. What better way to engage people in a place that was previously unused than by simply; using it?

Budapest being dominantly an old and traditional city reflects many of Edinburgh’s characteristics. The interesting thing about Budapest however, is the small but significant grass roots urban takeover which is slowly developing.

The ‘karavan’ site for instance (photo above) is a space that was once vacant and unused but is now buzzing with life due to simple changes. Dump a few shipping containers, drive in a few gourmet food vans and build a few up-cycled benches and Bob’s your Uncle.. or András if we are talking about Hungary! Another good example are the ‘ruin bars’ in the city. Buildings that were once grand apartment blocks or hotels have become bars that engulf the entire buildings and inject life into a once dead space. All these ideas and changes in the city have only benefited and improved the offer of the place to a wider group of people. If we talk about engagement, I’m sure you’d agree that by simply ‘doing’ or 'using' something we are indeed engaging.... In the end actions do speak louder than words!


The Here + Now is pleased to be partly evolved from the Wasteland Collective (WC) organisation. The Wasteland Collective was developed in summer 2013 by Liz Thomas and Lisa Jeffrey and worked on many exciting projects, exhibitions and workshops. The collective’s principles were designed to reveal the incredible potential of wastelands. This aim will be continued within the Here + Now through designing, curating and engaging. We hope to compliment the work that the Wasteland Collective started and push their findings and past experience further to address some of these issues within the Here + Now. We love their active approach in condemning ‘lazy urban land’ and are excited to take this concept on-board in our community interest company! Check out previous Wasteland Collective work . All that's left to say is, Welcome Wastelanders!