In her previous work, Jenny Humberstone, one of the co-founders of Here + Now, worked to deliver high quality small-scale green spaces that engaged local residents, workers and schools as part of a broader green network of historic 'pocket parks' throughout the dense urban environment of City of London.  

This involved landscape architecture and green space design work from initial designs through to construction, to improve the planting and hard landscaping of these unique spaces.  A large amount of community engagement work was also integral to ensuring these pocket parks worked for both the 300,000 workers who utilise them during the day-time, the local residents and school groups to whom these form a valuable local green space, and whilst also conserving and interpreting their historic and heritage value and their important role in supporting biodiversity in such a built-up environment.

Projects included design and development of interpretation materials such as walking trails to showcase the biodiversity and historic value these green spaces already provide,  engagement work with local schools and residents to promote biodiversity, integrate urban agriculture and enhance well-being, and the conception, organisation and delivery of number events such as 'Green Garden Lunchtimes' to engage local businesses and residents in utilising the parks.  

Jenny worked to both design improvements to these green spaces, engage local people and workers, and curate events and activities in them.  Jenny also acted as Photographer for the department, documenting these events and activities through photography as well as other metrics including quantitative data and qualitative methodologies to analyse their success.




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