We curate exhibitions, events and published works.  This might be a participatory exhibition of photographs and stories of place, re-imagination of a stalled urban space through a physical event that brings together the community, or published works revealing the output of our design processes and projects.  In all our work we aim to lift the voice of both the community and the built environment and design professions. 

Some of our curated works are invited as part of a specific project, some are designed to be open to all and are on-going.

In all the work we curate, we have an interest in evolving the works of our various projects cumulatively in the interest of the community.  The strength and uniqueness of HERE + NOW lies in the knowledge, processes and outcomes gained from working through designing, engaging and curating as our three key intertwined methodologies. This overlap embroils us in a positive feedback loop, whereby our approach to design projects and participatory processes is constantly both informed by and informs our curated works to deliver better outcomes for both places and the community.

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