HERE+NOW facilitated a design workshop and on-going co-design process with the Dalry Colonies Residents’ Association for client tHe Haymarket to create a visual depiction of life past and present in the Dalry colonies.  

The output included beautifully illustrated hoardings for the tHe Haymarket site that had genuinely built upon the local community's insight, knowledge and values about their neighbourhood and place.  These were installed at this prominent Edinburgh development site in December 2015 and incorporated real plant pots, a community noticeboard and other facilities that the community had identified as adding value through incorporation as part of this project.

The process started with an engagement workshop facilitated by HERE+NOW in July 2015 in partnership with the Dalry Colonies Residents Association and tHe Haymarket to start a conversation about this unique neighbourhood and place.  We used active co-design processes to draw out the themes, issues, aspirations and knowledge that were important to local people, taking them outside as part of this process. This resulted in three key themes - social history, living, and architecture, landscape and environment.

In a second stage these themes were interpreted into a design output for the hoardings. This phase included iterating this design based on further discussions and input from the Dalry Colonies Residents Association and client tHe Haymarket to co-create this finalised design.