We want to support community groups to have a positive impact in their local area. To do that we have broken down the ways we can typically help a community group or local initiative to get a project off the ground. We can do that in two main ways - each of which are possible to apply for funding to support our role in helping you to achieve. 


Phase 1 - User-led design development - or 'co-design' - is an exciting process bringing together the existing and potential users of a place. These community design workshops, design+build prototyping days, walkabouts, photography exhibitions, events and activities are facilitated and documented by HERE+NOW. They allow a diversity of different stakeholders and people to discuss, help develop, and feed into what becomes an agreed design and approach for a place going forward.

Outputs typically include an agreed community 'design brief', costed design plans or preferred design options ready for larger capital works funding, and documentation of this engagement process including professional photographs and evaluation report (useful for Phase 2 funding applications. Our experience in landscape design let us interpret the communities' discussions and priorities into strong, beautiful design solutions.  This first user-led design development stage is an inclusive approach to planning and design, which:

  • Creates places where the facilities are better used, 
  • Reflects people's real needs, overcoming perceived barriers,
  • The community feels a sense of ownership and pride in, 
  • Invites different user groups to work together, often inter-generationally,
  • Extends the usability of a space by layering different user groups' needs.
  • A positive design process - which enables communities to grow and flourish, first and foremost.
  • Results in preferred design options which can be costed ready for larger funding.


Phase 2 - Built Design + Delivery -  The implementation of construction works, landscape planting, and built creative projects can demonstrate a real visible change that builds on the costed design plans, community's aspirations and agreed design approach from Phase 1. As Landscape Architects and Project Managers, HERE+NOW can also support the implementation and construction of a final design - whether it be helping plan and facilitate working-bee volunteer days to build smaller projects in phases with community, or to project manage more complex larger built works alongside construction contractors. 


We realise the process of applying for funding can be a bit overwhelming at times, so we've tried to provide some useful links here to some relevant funding bodies and some information about the types of work they fund - whether this fits more into Phase 1 (feasibility, design development, community engagement) or Phase 2 (built design and delivery).

There are two ways to source funding to allow us to support you.  For example, you could apply for funding as two separate phases, one after the other, allowing you to tailor your application to funders who may only support specific things. Alternatively, you could apply for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 as a whole package of work from one bigger funder which covers everything from initial community workshops and design development right through to implementation and cost of materials and building. 


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