HERE + NOW are working with B3 Architects for Bett Homes to prepare a concept plan for a parkland space associated with an area of new housing  near Glenboig, North Lanarkshire.  We undertook a site walkover an contextual landscape appraisal, so that the new park sits well within the existing setting. Glens, giving way to shallow, wetland lochs and scrapes are a distinctive landscape feature of this local area.  

As part of the development masterplan, a greenspace project is proposed for the sloping area of ground to the north and east of the potential development site, which aims to reconcile the edges between the town and its countryside setting. This park provides a place for people and nature in balance.  The combination of people and nature is very much in the character of this regional landscape where the setting is defined by the lochs which typify the area. 

The layout of the park is able to accommodate future changes, additions, interventions: the aim is to provide a beautiful, functional, easily maintained, landscape framework which works for the existing residents, the new community, and for natural habitat and natural processes.  The proposed greenspace will connect existing paths, providing a great opportunity to create a new landscape setting for Glenboig providing resources for outdoor recreation which brings social and health benefits to this area. The parkland will be an important part of the wider green network, providing a focus for local leisure and amenity, improved connectivity and enhanced biodiversity.


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