Engaging with local people and organisations to feed into Glasgow's Food Growing Strategy.  Understanding the existing demand for urban food growing across Glasgow, where people would like to do this, and what support they need to make this a success.


HERE+NOW was appointed by Glasgow City Council to support a process of engagement and participation in the identification of a community and allotment growing research.  

All too often, growing projects are proposed for places where there is no immediate or expressed need or will. This study aimed to target delivery of community growing and allotments where they are needed the most.  It’s about matching land opportunities with people’s need. By actively engaging the end user in an open process of dialogue, people can share local knowledge, highlight place specific issues, and feel a sense of ownership and involvement in the resulting decisions made.  This project was about the identification, capture, and representation of demand for urban growing opportunities in Glasgow. 

A series of 3 events which built on each other were designed and facilitated as part of this research. They aimed to explore questions that became increasingly progressive in terms of their understanding of what urban growing involves and encompasses. The findings were interpreted and analysed for two outcomes: 

  1. A conclusion for each locality focused on that area’s existing potential / stage in urban growing 
  2. Contribute findings to the City Wide strategy.

We used a range of ‘co-design’ tools - where the end user and other stakeholders are involved from the outset - to engage with local stakeholders to deliver a supported, endorsed and positive outcome and strategy for community growing and allotments.  The following tools were used at each event: 

  • Walkabouts
  • Cluster mapping 
  • Semi-structured user interviews
  • Data coding
  • Snapshot survey

The engagement focus was to look into latent demand by reaching out to the wider communities and garner feedback and analyse whether the support is there for urban growing in the whole range of forms either available or aspirational. The engagement events focused on testing demand for growing, exploring whether there is an appetite for involvement of any sort in urban growing in the area. The emphasis was to engage beyond those already involved in urban growing, to cross cut 'gardeners' and 'non-garners' alike, while inspiring all attendees in opportunities of urban growing and to gather information on the need and demand for additional growing opportunities. 


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