Engagement, consultation and landscape design of a new community park. Delivered for client EDI Ltd, the Urban Regeneration Company, who wanted to undertake and record an exemplar engagement process as part of design development and construction. 

Engagement, consultation and landscape design of a new community park, wherein EDI Ltd, the Urban Regeneration Company, wanted to undertake and record an exemplar engagement process. The design was developed with local residents via a series of workshops, drop-in consultations and feedback opportunities, and included provision of community growing as a core compontent of the resulting park design.  

  • Engagement/consultation planning and preparation, logistics and tool kits.
  • Identifying and contacting potential stakeholders.
  • Publicity and promotion of engagement and consultation events and workshops.
  • Use of facilitated walkabout workshops to overcome real and perceived barriers, and to explore spatial / local opportunities.
  • Formation of a local Steering Group to take forward the park aspirations  for use. 
  • In-house professional photographer to record engagement/consultation activities.

HERE+NOW prepared the planning application for a new £300K park, which included footpath routing, playing surface design, the spatial organisation of a community park that meets the needs of a wide range of users. HERE+NOW worked in a design team with Arup, providing input and advice on Civil Engineering matters.

On behalf of EDI Ltd (Parc Craigmillar) HERE+NOW were appointed to develop a design for Greendykes North Park. In order to provide an exemplar design process, wherein the needs and interests of local people were to drive the planning and decision making, we prioritised the integration of information and opinions from local people and end users of the park via a series of engagement events with schools, community and other stakeholders to input into the evolving design.

HERE+NOW planned, organised and facilitated a series of events: the first an open drop-in session at the well used local library to cross cut, encouraging the fullest range of potential end user to attend and contribute to the research stage.  A follow up workshop was delivered by HERE+NOW at the local primary school, and finally, the development stakeholders were consulted in a workshop setting where information and objectives could be captured and recorded. 

Our professional photographer provided a record of all consultation stages, and a monitoring report that synthesised the findings of the consultations was one of the primary outputs supporting the emerging design.

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