Hailes Quarry Park


Hailes Quarry Park required a strategy to improve its horticultural potential and to encourage volunteers to get involved in the park’s future.

The park is situated in an area that is well connected to local green infastructure. By improving the horticultural value of the park, the area could make a positive impact on both the local and wider landscape whilst offering more in greenspace and social value.   The park had a strong existing structure, defined by mature woodland areas and open spaces.  However, horticultural variety in the park was limited, resulting in unnecessary maintenance requirements, limited biodiversity value, and missing opportunities for community involvement in the park’s management.

Liz Thomas and Lisa Jeffrey landscape consultant prepared a landscape strategy which identified a series of key projects for improvement / enhancement By combining a mosaic of spaces and movement routes, the park will become more horticulturally sustainable, more diverse and in turn more interesting and useable by the local community.


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