Using a mix of landscape architecture design and community engagement to deliver a feasibility study and masterplan for Herbertshire Castle Park.


Community Green Initiative (CGI) commissioned HERE+NOW to prepare a Feasibility Study and Masterplan for Herbertshire Castle Park, with support from LEADER funding. The project process was structured into a number of stages weaving together engagement and design to ensure a holistic design evolution.  The stages below describe the tools HERE+NOW put into effect:

  • SITE ANALYSIS: researching and recording existing site parameters.
  • REVIEWING PREVIOUS CONSULTATION: Coding information provided by CGI from previous consultation to identify recurring themes which informed the agenda for workshops and public engagement within the scope of this masterplan. 
  • ENGAGEMENT 1: Conversations with park users. A springboard into the aspirations, concerns and possibilities for the park, as seen by the day-to-day users.  Semi-Structured Interviews were used to allow conversations to involve key issues, while evolving in an organic way allowing a flowing conversation. 
  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Draft masterplan proposals were developed using the previous consultation and these early discussions, and in consultation with CGI and Falkirk Council. The design team undertook site walkabouts with both groups to observe the existing site conditions and use. 
  • ENGAGEMENT 2:  Community engagement event. The draft masterplan was presented to key park stakeholders and the wider public using an illustrative plan and supported by eyelevel visualisations of key components of the emerging park design. A feedback event was held at the local library, and the same information made available on an online survey.  The aim was to draw out end user input to the design development with feedback from this session used to inform adjustments to the design.
  • ENGAGEMENT 3: Stakeholder workshop. Findings from the library event / survey were coded to analyse patterns and priorities.  Recommendations were presented back to a core stakeholder group to identify a collaborative and collective final response position on each design item.   
  • MASTERPLAN DESIGN: A preferred masterplan design was developed taking into consideration views from across these 3 community feedback and end user engagement stages.  This was supported by a strategy for community involvement, a funding approach and strategy, and detail on how the overall vision could be implemented through a series of sub-project actions.  

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