HERE+NOW is a multi-award winning landscape architecture studio specialised in co-design. We are passionate about designing better places - for people and environment. We offer an experienced team of landscape architects, urban designers, place-makers, and researchers. In all our work we put people at the heart of place and design.

We engage, design and deliver.  We combine our design expertise with community engagement - integrating local knowledge from the end user via co-design workshops, exhibitions and events.  The output is more resilient, improved design of the built environment. We visually document this process through film, photography and graphic design to share the impact this inclusive design or research process has.  Our team of experienced landscape architects are able to then turn these locally-endorsed, inclusive designs into realised, constructed built outcomes.

HERE+NOW re-invests all profits into delivering more positive impact on community and social good projects.  Find out more in our 2017 publication summarising our third year.


We use engagement tools including Walkabouts (taking people outside to reimagine their local places), PEP Talks (community events translating ideas into action), Live Design (prototyping and piloting) and Hold Me Dear (using photography to reveal and share local people's opinions and aspirations about their local places) to feed into our design process. We combine this with our understanding of the landscape and context to create a robust design process. 

We work with design and people to deliver positive change for places. Turning ideas into action. Making a difference HERE+NOW. 



"HERE+NOW provides a high quality, efficient and professional service that is mindful of the commercial realities. HERE+NOW has ambition, realism and a smile on their face - truly a pleasure to work with."  
Andrew Trigger, Avant Homes

"Marvellous help, wonderful co-operation and a delightful plan for the community garden. HERE+NOW really understood the needs of the garden and were able to create a fabulous design. My ideas became real on paper. So empowering!"
Heather Yang, Newhaven Heritage Community Garden

"HERE+NOW are very approachable. They think differently. They are interested in really getting to grips with the issue and are thorough in their research and planning. They are engaging and inspiring, and make great partners."  
Barbie Lyon, Dalry Colonies Residents' Association

"Very professional and unique ideas! Really like your friendly approach." Sheetal Shah, Tiptoes Nursery

"HERE+NOW have brought a fresh perspective to place making in Edinburgh, that keeps people at the heart of all they do. Their proactive approach is inspiring and it has been a pleasure to work with them.  HERE+NOW are an inspiring, proactive and extremely professional organisation."  
Carol Hayes, GivRum, Denmark.

"I would not hesitate to recommend HERE+NOW. They are extremely enthusiastic, professional, conscientious and lovely people. They completed the work to a very high standard and exceeded our expectations."  
Emma Fitzgerald, Planning & Transport, City of Edinburgh Council

"The sensitivity of HERE+NOW's approach is inspiring, they have put the community at the centre of this project in a very meaningful way. From initially hearing about this project, and having attended their community briefing, HERE+NOW's approach to people and place is consistently forward-thinking."  
Judith Liddle, Edinburgh Printmakers



The HERE+NOW team were recently awarded the 2016 Scottish Design Award for Regeneration for their Hold Me Dear exhibition in Rodney St tunnel, and the Scottish Design Awards Chairman's Award for Architecture 2016. This project was also recognised at the Planning & Placemaking Awards 2016 winning the Planning Regional Award (Scotland).

 "This project initiated by a small not for profit design studio does much to capture the imagination and zeitgeist of real issues at the heart of regeneration. How people use and engage with spaces is critical to the understanding of the transformative impact of design. Curating an installation and online record of personal and moving reflections of places and memories in a way that encourages engagement and participation in local places is worthy of special recognition. A beautiful and highly relevant project."  Heinz Richardson of Jestico + Whiles, Chairman's Award for Architecture 2016

In addition we have been recently shortlisted for our 2015 HERE+NOW Co-Design Publication as part of the Landscape Institute Awards 2016, communicating our first year as a non-profit landscape architecture studio specialised in co-design. This document shares the tools, techniques and projects from this first year.



Find out more about the services in landscape architecture, co-design and engagement we offer. Or take a look at our approach and projects.