Working with Brisbane City Council and creative community group URBNE, Jenny Humberstone one of the co-founders of HERE + NOW, worked as part of a small team to deliver a 3 week long community engagement festival in central Brisbane, Australia in 2013 called the 'Ideas Fiesta'!  

This 3 week long festival took place throughout outdoor streets and spaces in Brisbane city centre and invited participation and engagement from a range of local groups and organisations as well as local residents.  It comprised a curated series of over 24 events, exhibitions, talks, conferences and workshops, digital engagement of more than 16,000 people via social media, and which together engaged people in their local city centre spaces and invited input on the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan. 

In addition to working as part of a team to organise and deliver this engagement festival, Jenny also delivered high quality photographs of the events to document the activities and input from different local residents, as well as enabling the on-going use of these online and offline by Council.

While working with Brisbane City Council, Jenny also worked on a 'River's Edge Strategy' to better connect the city with the river as a positive amenity space and biking/walking route, and developed proposals for a 'River Stop' series of seating destinations with views along the river's edge.


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