HERE+NOW were working in collaboration with Bright 3D on the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative’s (IFLI) “Telling the Inner Forth Story” project. HERE+NOW's project task was two-fold:  to engage the people who live within the Inner Forth area in a project which shares the rich and multi-layered stories associated with the place’s multifaceted heritage, and to design a sequence of Beacons and Markers which will be sited throughout the area as physical interventions sharing these stories.

The starting point for the project was to explore and understand the landscape of the Inner Forth.  HERE+NOW facilitated three walkabouts with school aged children at three selected locations. The focus was for the children to share what was valued by them. The walkabouts revealed a number of factors which feeded into the design of interventions in the landscape. The second process focuses on sharing and celebrating the project by directly involving local people in a genuine and un-engineered way. This was brought to life through to drop-by sessions where HERE+NOW invited people walking past to share their stories about the Inner Forth, providing an opportunity for them to share places, features, landmarks, traditions and history specific to the landscape.


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