‘Telling the story of what we did and what we found out through the River Ness workshops... through our eyes, in our words.’

The Ness is undergoing major changes. Its banks are being re-engineered as part of a flood alleviation scheme: a perfect time to consider opportunities for a more engaged riverside setting.  The aim of this project was to explore and map areas around the river, and to create a dialogue with pupils about the places and spaces which are important to them. Working with IOTA and A+DS, HERE+NOW's Liz and Lisa planned, co-ordinated and facilitated a two day workshop with school children from Inverness High and Culloden Academy. Information and material was then collated to produce a briefing report with suggestions for potential next steps.

During the workshops the students began to identify a rich variety of changes they’d like to see. They began describing projects and actions they would like to help set in motion...


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