Located to re-connect the remnant elevated railway tracks which cross above Leith Walk from Gordon Street to Jane Street, Liz Thomas worked with Biomorphis Ltd architects to prepare a feasibility study for this bridge and two parks at either side along the lines and sidings of the dismantled railway.

The bridge and its parks create valuable greenspace links between Pilrig Park in the north and Leith Links in the south. This new connectivity offers a route transecting the existing urban fabric for pedestrians and cyclists whether local residents or city visitor.  At the heart of the bridge concept is a desire to maximise use of sustainable Scottish larch timber, and this feasibility study stage worked closely with the Timber Research Unit at Napier University to explore methods for procurement, detailed structural design, and enhanced design.  The parks reflect this and extends the use of timber along the core route; birch and aspen woodlands are planted where the route is exposed, and raised planting beds offering community growing are located where the site is more sheltered.


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