Working in collaboration with Leith Creative, Liz is helping design, deliver and facilitate a 6-month programme of community engagement towards a Making Places funded Local Place Plan for Leith.


In 2017, the HERE+NOW team worked closely with Leith Creative on the PEOPLE AND PLACES: MAKE LEITH BETTER project, an engagement and synthesis process which resulted in a Blueprint report and map for Leith. This report presented a manifesto on the future of Leith’s streets, spaces, assets and buildings, with a focus on the value and needs of the creative industry.

Leading on from this piece of work, Leith Creative have secured Making Places funding to develop material and gather evidence towards a Local Place Plan for Leith. Liz and collaborators from the HERE+NOW team are supporting this process, partnering in the engagement of a number of local interest groups and organisations, representatives from the Community Councils, and bringing co-design and engagement to the people who are usually excluded from processes such as this.

Leith Creative and Biomorphis designed and built a modular, pop-up kitchen, the Leith Kitchen, which has become an invaluable tool in engaging with people on the street and at community meal events at Norton Park, Dr Bell’s Family Centre, and the Community Centre. We have enjoyed sharing food in exchange for thoughts - where participants help make food while sharing insights and experiences in what they like, don’t like, and would like to change about Leith. These basic questions inform the emerging planning policies and strategic statements which are intended, through the Local Place Plan, to guide future development and planning designations.

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