On behalf of East Dumbartonshire Council, HERE+NOW formed part of a design team to engage the public in a 4-day Charrette process and synthesise their input and local knowledge into a package of design responses and deliverable action plan. 

HERE+NOW were appointed by DPT Urban Design to complement a full design team in the delivery of this SSCI Charrette Mainstreaming Programme for Scottish Town Centres at Lennoxtown.  Ahead of the Charrette event, we took part in a study of the public life of the Main Street in Lennoxtown, using techniques similar to the Public Life Assessment methodology developed by HERE+NOW but adapted for a lighter-touch application. The aim of this initial observation and analysis stage was to record opportunities and issues to focus the Place Standard workshops during the Charrette.

HERE+NOW facilitated discussions with the public using the Place Standard as an engagement tool to explore the existing condition of the place, going on to prepare design concepts and initial design responses which were presented back to a group of stakeholders and the public at the end of the 4 day process. Post-Charrette, very little was done to ‘work up’ the design ideas or material, rather it was synthesised by DPT Urban Design to create a Town Centre Masterplan with supporting Action Plan identifying short, medium and long term outcomes and opportunities.

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