Locally Loved Routes give a voice to the places that the locals love, their stories and memories of local places. Through a series of workshops, walkabouts and engagement these locally treasured places are transformed into a series of designed trail maps and graphics that get people outside exploring their neighbourhood on foot or by bike, build local pride and identity and bring people together.  


  Locally Loved Routes started as a series of four walking and cycling routes designed to include the spots and places nearby to the Canonmills area of Edinburgh that the locals love or feel a connection to. The resulting routes were displayed and freely available in postcard form for one month at our Hold Me Dear: Four Cities, [Extra]ordinary Places exhibition in Rodney St tunnel 2015.  

We'd love to translate this approach to interpret and give voice to the walking and cycle routes and relaxing spots the locals love in other neighbourhoods too. If you'd be interested in developing this approach with us for a specific please please get in touch.  



You can still explore the original four different Locally Loved Routes nearby to Canonmills, Edinburgh, which were designed and created in collaboration with the community to incorporate the spots and views local people told us they loved.  The HERE+NOW team collected these quotes and information, talking to people local to the Canonmills and Inverleith area over a series of weeks.  We then used this local insight to design and develop these Locally Loved Routes with help from volunteers and the community to give the four resulting routes below.

Why not go for a walk or cycle and explore the places the locals love? Postcards detailing all the information you need to go on one of these routes were on display for you to take at our Hold Me Dear exhibition in Rodney Street for a month in late 2015 and are still available on demand from the HERE+NOW team by emailing us:  hello@thehereandnow.org.uk.  


Click the image above to download the full-size A1 version of this map.

Click the image above to download the full-size A1 version of this map.

The map above shows the four 'Locally Loved' walking and cycling routes displayed at the Hold Me Dear exhibition in 2015. All routes created loops both starting and ending at the exhibition. Alongside this map, take-away postcards enabled people to explore each route, with each postcard showing in more detail where each route goes and the quotes and spots along the way of places that local residents personally love.


Route 1 - Leith-way Stroll or Cycle

HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 1 front
HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 1 back

Route 2 - Stockbridge Heritage Walk

HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 2 front
HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 2 back

Route 3 - Botanic Gardens Stroll

HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 3 front
HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 3 back

Route 4 - Inverleith Park Cycle and/or Walk

HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 4 front
HERE+NOW_Locally Loved Routes_Route 4 back

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