Our Natural Capital


Liz Thomas, one of our HERE + NOW Directors, was engaged to work on 'Our Natural Capital'.  A partnership project for young people in Edinburgh, the purpose of the programme was to introduce the young people to ways of seeing the city, and to share creative ways of telling the story of their experience.

Initiated by DaisyChain Asssociates, Circle Scotland and the Cockburn Association, Our Natural Capital invited young people from estates across the city to participate in a programme exploring aspects of built and natural heritage within Edinburgh’s remarkable cityscape. This involved running a number of workshops designed to engage the participating young people, and developing a blog-site where they could record and communicate their thoughts and observations.

At the end of the project, we pulled together all the strands of discussion to create a ‘story map’, where the characters and places we explored all come together. This was produced as a map style leaflet, to provoke and inspire ongoing discussions.


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