Engaging with local people about Leith as a place with our spinning ‘Place Standard’ wheel.  This physical moveable iteration of the Place Standard tool helps engage people in conversation about their local place, and builds up a communal snapshot of how people feel about 14 different themes. 


HERE+NOW partnered with Leith Creative as part of the ‘People and Places: Make Leith Better’ project, to create a series of pop up events and curated conversations. These were done in conjunction with Leith Late ‘17 and Architecture Fringe ‘17. The events included creative mapping which identified creative hubs in Leith and North Edinburgh, such as St Margaret’s House. This is where HERE+NOW hosted their interactive exhibition and was the base point for their mobile ‘Place Standard’ wheel tour.

As part of the project, HERE+NOW offered an open invitation for people to join them and their giant mobile ‘Place Standard’ wheel on tour around Leith. Literally rolling through the streets and pausing at strategic locations along the way. The spinning wheel offers a live invitation of input using chalk from passers-by to slowly build up a visual picture of what people think about Leith, according to 14 themes. These include themes such as 'identity and belonging',  'feeling safe', and 'streets and spaces'. Together these start to build a visual picture, similar to a spider-diagram, about how both 'Leithers' and non-Leithers feel about Leith as a place.

The wheel supported Biomorphis’s ‘Leith Listings’ exhibition at Out of The Blue on 7 July. It was also taken on two additional tours of the streets of Leith to invite input from passers by. Between 12 and 23 July 2017 the wheel can be found at St Margaret’s House as part of an interactive exhibition, kicking off with a 'curated conversation' and speaker event at 12.30pm on 12 July celebrating Leith as a place and discussing its sense of identity.


Details of Events:

Leith Late:  Thursday 15 June 2017 / 6pm-9pm - Place Standard wheel at Newkirkgate as part of Leith Late 2017. 

Leith Listing:   Friday 7 July 2017 / 11am-4pm - Place Standard wheel tours the streets of Leith, stopping at key locations for input from local people (Easter Road, Albert Road, Leith Walk), followed by Out Of The Blue. 

Curated Conversation:   12 July 2017 / 12-2pm -  Speakers and discussion event focussed on identity and belonging in Leith. Interactive Place Standard wheel at St Margaret’s House

Interactive Exhibition:   12 July – 23 July 2017 9am-8pm open to all at St Margaret’s House.

Wheel on Tour:   7 and 19 July 2017 / 12-2pm touring various Leith streets and locations, including The Ripple Project in Lochend.


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