HERE+NOW’s application of the Scottish Government’s Place Standard featured as an exemplar by Architecture & Design Scotland


In 2018 Architecture & Design Scotland launched a publication featuring a series of case studies illustrating how the Place Standard has interpreted and used by different practitioners. The document highlights the methods used, and perceptions and knowledge gained, including how this fed into community planning, design and/or development work. 

In 2017, HERE+NOW had partnered with Leith Creative as part of the ‘People and Places: Make Leith Better’ project. This programme of community consultation included online and face-to-face surveying, creative public engagement activities, and round table conversations. This included creative mapping, which identified creative hubs in Leith and North Edinburgh, such as St Margaret’s House. This is where HERE+NOW hosted their interactive exhibition and was the base point for their mobile ‘Place Standard’ wheel tour. 

As part of the project, HERE+NOW offered an open invitation for people to join them and their giant mobile ‘Place Standard’ wheel on tour around Leith. Literally rolling through the streets and pausing at strategic locations along the way. The spinning wheel offered a live invitation of input using chalk from passers-by to slowly build up a visual picture of what people think about Leith, according to 14 themes. These include themes such as ‘identity and belonging’, ‘feeling safe’, and ‘streets and spaces’. Together these start to build a visual picture, similar to a spider-diagram, about how both ‘Leithers’ and non-Leithers feel about Leith as a place. 

We found our mobile, spin-able iteration of the original Place Standard wheel (developed by the Scottish Government), a particularly effective tool for engaging people in conversation about their local places, and are pleased this has been featured by A&DS as a case study.

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