Plant a Place


For two days in summer 2013 during the Edinburgh Festival, we collaborated with the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust and Edinburgh Markets to create a pop-up garden at the St Mary’s Church Edinburgh Market. We hosted a market stall which aimed to demonstrate how simple, fun and easy it is to get growing in your urban places. We created a small garden where passers by could find somewhere to sit and relax, and plant something to take away. We gave out free seeds, and loads of practical information material about how you can plant a place yourself or with a small group. The project demonstrates that you don’t need to set up a structured community group, a bank balance with loads of funding, or even a particularly big space to get growing.

Nature... This pop-up project aimed to reveal the importance of urban greenspace, and showed that you don’t even need to lift the slabs to create a spot of nature and tranquility – the bees took about half an hour to find our flowers, which just goes to show – you bring the plants and the rest comes to you!

People... best of all was planting herbs in recycled tin cans with the kids who stopped by our pop-up garden. Its great to think they know now just how easy it is to plant whether on a doorstep, window sill or in one of their local greenspaces. We feel we empowered a few kids to take hold of what's theirs!

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