Secret Cinema


One of the HERE + NOW directors - Jenny Humberstone - co-founded a collective of volunteers in Australia called Urban Fabric to activate vacant urban spaces while also providing a platform to showcase local creative talent and bring together a range of stakeholders around a stalled space. 

The Urban Fabric collective curated a range of outdoor exhibitions and events in partnership with local artists, film-makers, businesses, local residents and other stakeholders, each in a different stalled space location around the city.  These included a popular and successful series of unique outdoor cinema events called 'Secret Cinema' which showcased local film-makers short films.  Each Secret Cinema event took place in a different nook of under-utilised urban space around the city, and worked collaboratively with local businesses, organisations and volunteers to deliver these events on minimal budget and to generate social connections and discussions about the nature of these spaces.  

HERE + NOW have translated the Australian version of Secret Cinema into a new series of participatory cinema screenings promoting local film-makers in Edinburgh, now called Hidden Features. Check out our Hidden Features page for more information.


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