We are an experienced team of landscape architects, designers, place-makers, photographers and film-makers. We offer services in engagement, design and curation, which together combine a unique skill-set for co-design in landscape architecture. 

Our services include:



HERE+NOW engagement


We engage people in their local places;  helping to build social capital, promote community involvement, and invite people to have genuine input in the design process  from the start. 

We believe in the importance of co-design as a way of engaging people, valuing the importance of iterative ongoing input from those we are designing for, as well building social capital and reimagining the potential of places.  We feel there is a need to bridge the gap between the people designing a place and the people using it, and we offer value by putting the end user at the heart of the design process right from the start.


HERE+NOW design


We are Landscape Architects and Designers. From masterplans to green space design or urban public realm, we aim to change the way places are designed. Using engaging and iterative co-design techniques we put people and landscape at the heart of design.   

By doing this the community benefits from a more sensitive place-making approach which creates meaningful, relevant, bespoke places tailored to the end-user.  Our clients feel safe in the knowledge the design has benefited from genuine input and endorsement from the local community.  We also offer graphic design services including web, digital, and branding for which we also adopt a User-Centred Design approach to ensure excellent visual communication that conveys the messages quickly and elegantly to the target audience. 


HERE+NOW curate


We visually document and share all the engagement and design work we do through high quality photography, short films, events and exhibitions. 

These provide a visually engaging and easily shareable way to communicate and synthesise the voice of local people, as well as documenting the design process to create a wealth of visual material for use by clients or the community.   Our curated exhibitions, events and published works invite participation and/or feed back our learnings from the co-design process and individual projects to the community and client, sharing our learnings with the wider community and industry. 


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