HERE+NOW engagement


We engage people in the co-design of their places. Our processes help build social capital, promote community involvement, and invite people to have genuine input from the start. 

We believe in the importance of co-design as a way of engaging people, valuing the importance of iterative ongoing input from those we are designing for, as well building social capital and re-imagining the potential of places.  We feel there is a need to bridge the gap between the people designing a place and the people using it, and we offer value by putting the end user at the heart of the design process right from the start.


HERE+NOW design


We are Landscape Architects. From masterplan to pocket park, we span scale. We aim to change the way places are designed to work better for people and nature.  

By doing this the community benefits from a more sensitive place-making approach which creates meaningful, relevant, bespoke places tailored to the end-user.  Our clients feel safe in the knowledge the design has benefited from genuine input and endorsement from the local community.  We also offer graphic design services including web, digital, and branding for which we also adopt a User-Centred Design approach to ensure excellent visual communication that conveys the messages quickly and elegantly to the target audience. 


HERE+NOW curate


We visually document and graphically communicate all the engagement and design work we do through visuals, annual publications, talks, events and exhibitions. 

These provide a visually engaging and easily shareable way to communicate and synthesise the voice of local people, as well as documenting the design process to create a wealth of visual material for use by clients or the community.   Our curated exhibitions, events and published works invite participation and/or feedback for the development of our tools and services, helping us ensure we are at the leading edge of co-design for landscape architecture and the built environment.



We want to support community groups to have a positive impact in their local area. To do that we have broken down the ways we can typically help a community group or local initiative to get a project off the ground. We can do that in two main ways - each of which are possible to apply for funding to support our role in helping you to achieve. 

We realise the process of applying for funding can be a bit overwhelming, especially for community groups with limited capacity and resources. Through involvement in a wide variety of funded project work, we’ve tried to provide some useful links here to some relevant funding bodies, which you may find helpful. We’ve included some information about the types of work they fund - whether this fits more into Phase 1 (feasibility, design development, community engagement) or Phase 2 (built design and delivery).

Phase 1 - evidencing the need

We can use co-design, community engagement, and participatory design / planning processes as a way to evidence the need for a project which is at the early stages of development. This can be an exciting process, bringing together the existing and potential users of a place. Typically we might plan a series of community design workshops, design+build prototyping days, walkabouts, photography exhibitions, events and activities. There are funding sources available to pay a facilitator to develop this process for you, and help you deliver it. It’s useful towards the Phase 2 because this stage allows a diversity of different stakeholders and people to discuss and help develop an agreed design idea and approach.

Outputs can include an consensus around a community 'design brief', costed design plans, illustrative masterplan, and eyelevel photomontages. Our experience in landscape design means we’re well placed to interpret the communities' discussions and priorities into strong, beautiful design solutions.  This first Phase is an inclusive approach to design, which:

  • Creates places where the facilities are better used

  • Reflects people's real needs, overcoming perceived barriers

  • The community feels a sense of ownership and pride in

  • Invites different user groups to work together, often intergenerationally

  • Extends the usability of a space by layering different user groups' needs

  • A positive design process - which enables communities to grow and flourish, first and foremost

  • Results in preferred design options which can be costed ready for larger funding

Phase 2 - built design + delivery

The implementation of construction works, landscape planting, and built creative projects can demonstrate a real visible change that builds on the costed design plans, community's aspirations and agreed design approach from Phase 1. As landscape architects and experienced project managers, HERE+NOW can also support the implementation and construction of a final design - whether it be helping plan and facilitate volunteer days to build smaller projects in phases with community, or to project manage more complex larger built works delivered by construction contractors.

If you have questions, an idea, or would like to discuss anything further please do drop us a line!