Community education, inspiration and action in local biodiversity at the Seafield / Promenade shoreline


In Summer 2018, HERE+NOW’s Liz Thomas volunteered with a group of locals on the Edinburgh Botanic Garden’s Shoreline Project. In the Portobello area, this season-long exhibition manifest as practical on-the-ground biodiversity enhancement projects. 

The basis for the group’s planting work stemmed from an inspirational walkabout of the shoreline area led by the Botanics’ urban biodiversity officer. She pointed out species of local significance, plants of interest, and indicated how we could make the biggest impact using planting to support and enhance the area’s local biodiversity. 

In September the group plug planted wildflower species in a grassland area adjacent to the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, and painted stones to mark the special species which had been selected. The plants came from the Shoreline Wildflower Plant Nursery, which is based at Granton Hub, a project HERE+NOW has been involved in through 2017 (See project details in Year 3 report). Local wildflower seed was collected by volunteers and grown on in pots, as part of a citizen science project to create a ‘bank’ of plants suitable for planting out in spaces such as this for the enhancement of the biodiversity value. 

Going forward, the group have plans for planting a mixed, native biodiverse hedge along the fenceline in this same location, and building sand mounds to create habitat for a locally significant burrowing bee species in spring 2019. The formation of the children’s Wildlife Watch group (p7) was the result of local parents wanting to put in place a legacy for the inspiration and local action in this Shoreline area. 

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