Wasteland Collective

Open Day + Exhibition

This open studio and mini workshop day was organised by HERE + NOW directors Liz Thomas and Lisa Jeffrey. The mix of visitors to the open day included artists, designers and people with a general interest and passion for creating more meaningful places in our cities. The mini workshop was designed to encourage the participants to make comment on the vacant and wasted land in Edinburgh and also interact with images and models of spaces around the city. The result was a collection of images, texts and feedback from the day that was used in informing further projects such as the Palette Stools project and Plant a Place! 




Wasteland Collective is a group of landscape architects and creative practitioners who want to change the way we see and work with urban land. Since the group first started collaborating in 2013, we have hosted two exhibitions, a pop-up market garden, and helped run a series of participatory workshops exploring concepts of Natural Capital for children from Edinburgh’s peripheral estates. We have seen a fantastic energy and interest in the idea that urban land could work harder; perform more functions for a greater variety of people and consequently become more ethical and human places. The collective devises, curates, plans and builds anything from permanent interventions to temporary landscape projects to fleeting momentary events – anything which gets people thinking about how they could make better use of the precious resource of urban land.

In 2014 the two founding Wasteland Collective members - Liz Thomas and Lisa Jeffrey - came together with Landscape Architect and Designer Jenny Humberstone to form HERE+NOW.


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